Movie Go Mobile App Case Study

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Movie GO is my personal project throughout the UX Design course that I’ve taken on Coursera. Movie GO is an app for any moviegoers out there who want to relax and enjoy. This app is designed to provide an easy and simple to find a movie trailer with detailed information that is available in the movie theater.


UI/UX designer designing an app for Movie GO from watching to enjoy and relax

The Problem

Moviegoers have a busy schedule to find a movie trailer with accurate detailed information and watch it at the theater

Skills and Deliverables
  • Empathizing with users by creating empathy maps, personas, user stories, and user journey maps
  • Defining user pain points
  • Ideating design solutions using Crazy Eights, How Might We, and competitive audits
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes on paper and digitally
  • Developing mockups using visual design elements and principles
  • Designing in Figma and Adobe XD
  • Conducting interviews and usability studies
  • Considering accessibility at every point in the design process

Simplify the process that allows users to find a movie trailer easily and have the capability to book a seat at the theater on the device

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